A little bit about ourselves

When GUI Computing was founded in 1991, the options for software development in Windows were limited and often cumbersome. The Internet and Intranet were still a gleam in someone's eye. How times change...

Our Company

GUI Computing is a Melbourne-based software development company that has been in operation for over 16 years. Over that time we have worked with a large number of organisations to provide consultancy and development services covering a diverse range of business applications. We have developed a thorough understanding of how software ought to work in the Microsoft Windows environment and have embraced new technologies as they have emerged in the market.

GUI has leveraged its extensive software development experience to provide both desktop and web based solutions to many organisations.

GUI Computing provides a full range of development-related services. From the first user conference through formal specification, project management, programming, quality assurance and deployment management, GUI can provide a full service to take your requirements into production.

For more information email us at info@gui.com.au.